Water F/X, as the name connotes, are presentations of wonder and imagination. Water F/X can be as simple as simulated rain, as delicate as blooming "water flowers" or as technically demanding as a "geothermal geyser", dynamically erupting with water, mist, steam and sound effects. STO has specialized in developing water F/X that seize the viewer's attention, be it a thrashing, submerged aquatic creature, a floral pattern of shaped water, a soaring water column or surging, whitewater rapids.

STO's design forte is combining engineering skills and creative imagination to develop these water F/X. Testing and "mock up" models are used as a tool to achieve the necessary perfection of these magical aesthetics.

Commissions awarded by Disney, MCA, Universal, Opryland, Caesar's Palace, Windsor Casino, etc., have produced water displays that are exact technically and visually spectacular effects.