STO water features are unsurpassed as appealing amenities for real estate developments in the forms of lakes, ponds, running streams, waterfalls and entry fountains. These elements convey a sense of beauty, harmony and tranquillity.

A water feature is often the "signature" statement of a development. It may serve other functions such as storm water detention or conveyance, fishing and boating usage while also being an important aesthetic feature.

The art and expertise of STO Design Group is in recreating nature's most appealing elements, while providing a system design that allows the water element to be a safe, pleasing and functional aquatic amenity.

Lakes providing wetlands mitigation and storm water treatment for Corpprate Headquarters.
A 28 acre lake with waterfront single family lots.
A half-acre sand bottom Swim Lagoon.
Small lakes with naturalistic streams for residential developments.
Architectural water features in commercial developments.
Water features using reclaimed water.